Banana Kush: A Sweet-Scented Hybrid With A THC Kick


There’s nothing quite like the aroma of some good Kush. Banana Kush is a beloved member of the OG Kush family, bringing a delightfully sweet and fruity flavor to the mix. Relaxed, drowsy, and a little goofy, this strain is popular for sleep-related ailments and mental health conditions. A slow-going strain, pick it up after a difficult day or on a slow weekend with nothing to do.

Strain details

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There are perhaps a couple of varieties of Banana Kush floating around out there. The most common is thought to be a cross between the strains Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, which are both hybrid strains. It can also be a cross between OG Kush and Banana, another hybrid combination.

Regardless of the genetics, Banana Kush tends to be an indica-dominant strain with sleepy and perhaps couch-locking effects. Recommended for experienced consumers, this flower often produces between 18 and 25 percent THC when grown with expert care. Novice consumers may experience some dizziness and headache with high doses of this sweet-scented bud.

True to its name, Banana Kush tends to have a sweet and fruit-like aroma. This light aromatic quality is undercut by an earthy hash aroma that adds depth and robustness to the flower. Overall, though, this bud has a fragrant tropical quality that makes for a delicious treat after a long day. With such a sweet and juicy scent, this strain would be an impressive choice to share with canna-savvy friends and loved ones.

The Banana Kush experience

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Banana Kush may smell sweet and innocent, but don’t let this strain fool you. This flower can pack some serious power. Best saved for the evening or a lazy weekend afternoon, Banana Kush has a sedative quality that can make it easier to wind down or catch up on sleep. The drowsy effects may vary depending on what variety of the plant you find.

Overall, this flower is considered happy, upbeat, and relaxing. Though it’s recommended for times when you don’t have much to do, this flower is a perfect selection for stressful moments when you need some extra help staying calm and mellow. Euphoric and giggly, it’s not uncommon for people to laugh more than usual after a little Banana Kush.

Those hoping to avoid the munchies may want to find another strain. Banana Kush has a reputation for increasing appetite, making this bud a fine selection for before a big meal. With its banana-like flavor and aroma, this strain would also be a fine selection to pair with creamy desserts like ice cream or a banana cream pie.

Why do people use Banana Kush?

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Recreationally, Banana Kush is a low-key kind of flower. While experienced consumers may be able to get away with using this hybrid during the day, it’s drowsy and deeply calming effects will likely be more appreciated when you have ample free time to relax.

This strain is also famous for inspiring creative thoughts. Artistic types will likely appreciate the abstract inspiration Banana Kush provides.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this flower for relief from sleep conditions like insomnia. It’s also quite popular among those with mental health ailments like anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

Banana Kush’s sleepy and euphoric vibe will likely help you catch up on some much-needed sleep and, when dosed appropriately, can foster a positive well-being.

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