Are you as passionate about the legalisation of Cannabis and the potential for healing with THC and CBD as we are?

Then we’re happy to hear from you!

Allow us to give you a quick overview of what we’re looking for and what we can offer in exchange!

We hope to position as the leading proponent of Cannabis legalisation in Europe (and beyond) and promoting the healing benefits of the sacred herb! With your help we hope to achieve this goal!



Passionate bloggers and business owners who write high quality original content, focusing on…

  • The growing legalisation movement in Europe (and beyond).
  • The health benefits of cannabis
  • The use of vapes and edibles (smoking isn’t a long term healthy option!)
  • Tips on self-sufficiency and economising your weed use
  • Independent reviews of equipment such as vapes and grow tents etc (but we need to keep it in a legal setting…

So no huge production stuff really), stories about triumph over adversity (legal, health, activism etc), opportunities to make a difference in the fight to legalise and generally interesting and engaging writing about our favourite green stuff!


  • Unoriginal or copied content
  • Purely promotional content or advertorial pieces (although if you’re mostly looking to promote your site we have a range of premium listings on the site… <link here>),
  • Over used memes, cliches or pics from the web… (We can get those ourselves innit)
  • Stuff purely about the USA (although comparisons between the US and Europe or other countries would be interesting)


  • Exposure for you as a writer
  • Links back to your social profiles and one website per article, promotion on our social media channels
  • And if we really like your stuff and you like working with us… the potential for a more fruitful, structured relationship (ie. paying you to write for the site!) as things develop…

We prefer longer pieces, so 500+ words as a start. Well written, as we don’t have loads of time to editor work (try grammarly, it’s free and pretty awesome!), some photos to go with your writing (but we can also find these if you get stuck) and written around a selection of keywords (the we can provide, just let us know) if you feel so inclined…

Send your writing with any photos, authors bio and links that you want included to

We’re excited at the prospect of collaborating with you!!