Local Exposure 

Extended location options! More than just a map! 

Enhanced Description

Including website and social media accounts. You’ll have extra space to include your own website and social media account, with live links! That helps your SEO as well as encouraging traffic to your sites!

Photo Album

For you to display pics of your slick shop, lovely logo, proudest products, stickiest staff, best buds… Whatever you want really…

User Reviews

Allows users to write reviews about your business, telling others about the excellent experience they’ve had, which brings you more customers! Nice!

Opening Hours

Edit and update the listed opening hours to ensure information is correct, as well as updating any special opening hours for public holidays etc.

NAP Citation

Name, Address and Phone number listing to boost your website in search results. Google loves sites that have NAP citations!


Verified Listing Badge

A badge on your listing to prove that it’s a verified listing, this gives your visitors reassurance that it’s a legit listing and they can trust the information and products that are featured on the listing… Which means more customers and more sales for you!

Manage User Reviews

You can moderate your own reviews and disapprove any that are bogus or just plain negative… Of course, if it’s a genuine review that rates your business poorly, you’d better address the issue as that shiz ain’t no good for the biz! But at least until you deal with the cause of the problem you don’t have a negative review hanging around making you look bad…

Visitor Statistics

View the number of visitors to your listing, use the info to optimise or upgrade what you’ve written.

Private messaging with visitors

If a visitor is interested in your business what better way for them to get in touch than through a private message board just for you and your future customer!

Selling Platform

On the Gold Package your can sell your own products, but we take a small cut of what you sell… With the Platinum listing, it’s all yours! So it’s up to you whether you prefer to pay a little per sale, or a little more per month… Either way we think it’s a pretty sweet deal!


By joining us and listing your canna-business we will promote you on our social media channels to thousands of followers!

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