Cannabis dealers in the UK are 'prescribing' weed to treat illnesses

UK drug dealers are now giving their customers ‘medical advice’ and prescribing different cannabis strains for various ailments.

Cannabis dealers and growers are trying to gain an edge on their competition by copying sophisticated marketing methods of American medical cannabis companies.

A Birmingham based cannabis producer and dealer told he has been giving out medical advice since the spring.

The 28-year-old man, who has no medical qualifications, said: ‘People over here know in America and other parts of the world cannabis is used to for medical purposes so it makes sense I know as much about the drugs I am growing as possible.

‘I am not just a drug dealer, technically I am a gardener because I grow the stuff, a salesman because I need to shift it, a debt collector and now a doctor.’ ‘Also customers always tell me their problems, usually when they are trying to either get money off or not pay a debt, so when one of them told me he had back pain I gave him a sample of Lemonade (skunk) and he reckoned it helped him.

‘After that I just went on the internet and researched what all the big American firms are doing with medical marijuana, they have done all the research behind it, so I can trust they are right about this. One website said which weed is best for women on their periods, so I got some of that in too.

‘Also some of the legal cannabis shops and companies tweet about which cannabis is good for what illnesses, so I just follow their advice, it is not rocket science it is just selling weed.’

He said: ‘It is just a start for me, I’ve got different types of skunk for sale but Gorilla Glue which is the one that everyone wants now and I say that is good for insomnia because it knocks you out.’

‘But since I have been matching weeds with people’s illnesses I have been getting a lot more older people buying off me, which is great because they are less likely to try and rob me.’

Dealers also believe it is only a matter of time before the Government follows America and legalises cannabis and are preparing for that eventuality.


A veteran Midlands drug dealer, aged 55, said: ‘I was telling everyone about cannabis being good for you and being medicinal years ago but was written off as a hippy by other dealers but now the whole world is waking up to medical marijuana. I was selling cannabis to a fella with Multiple Sclerosis back in the 1990s so this nothing new.

‘And it comes down to money, look how much tax the yanks are bringing in through cannabis, our government is going to want some of that action, I want to be selling weed legally, and am preparing for the day it becomes legal.

‘We cannot let all the corporations and companies like Boots take over a market that we have been supplying for years and taking risks to do that.’ Since the cannabis was legalised in several states across America the corporate cannabis companies have created new strains of the drug and made the entire process more professional. American medical cannabis companies like Scott’s Miracle Gro, AbbVie, Corbus are on the stock market.

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