Cannabis inhaler could help send Brits suffering with insomnia to sleep in ten minutes

Puffing on a cannabis inhaler could help millions of Brits with insomnia nap off in minutes.

The new hand-held tool squirts a tiny sip of the drug into the lungs.

One smoke of a cannabis inhaler can help insomniacs tumble asleep in as little as 10 minutes

Tests show a singular toke at bedtime can trigger nap in as little as 10 minutes.

Researchers found users nap deeply and arise up rested with no upsetting side-effects.

Medics who invented the inhaler contend it contains adequate of the unlawful drug to have a opiate outcome – but getting users high.

The ICANsleep device – which resembles an asthma puffer – costs around £100.

Research found that users of the ICANsleep device slept deeply but woke up with no upsetting grogginess

It could be accessible in the UK within a year if it gets capitulation from the drug reserve watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority.

Around one in 3 Brit adults has difficulty sleeping.

Stress, illness and too much caffeine can all make it worse.

Millions rest on sleeping tablets to help them curtsy off – costing the NHS over £50 million a year.

Sleeping pills can mostly leave side-effects of grogginess the following day

But ordinarily used pills can leave users feeling intoxicated the next day.

And some have even been related with increasing risk of cancer and broken bones.

Israeli scientists grown a device which turns cannabis into a effluvium that can be inhaled before bed.

It contains reduction than a entertain of the volume of THC – the categorical psychoactive chemical that gives users a high – found in a joint.

Insomnia, which is typically routed in anxiety, is estimated to outcome one in 3 Brits

Human trials involving 50 people are underway, after animal tests showed the puffer worked in 10 mins or less.

ICAN, the Israeli organisation which creates the inhaler, says it is protected and not addictive.

Boss Saul Kaye said: “Insomnia is mostly an stress commotion and cannabis can be very effective at shortening anxiety.

“Also, it does not leave you feeling like you have a hangover.”

Millions of Brits rest on sleeping tablet, which costs the NHS £50million annually

And financier William Levine of CannRx saidl: “You take a smoke or two depending on the dose and in 10 mins you will be indolent adequate to sleep.”

The puffer is already being sole in Israel and California.

In the UK, there are a handful of cannabis-based medicines in use.

One is a peppermint-flavoured mouth mist – called Sativex – given to mixed sclerosis patients to fight their detriment of flesh control.

Professor Neil Stanley pronounced we still need bigger researcher to endorse either cannabis creates a difference

Dr Neil Stanley, former conduct of nap investigate at Surrey University, said: “Anything that helps you relax will also help you sleep.

“But the jury is still out on cannabis.

“We need bigger and better studies to endorse it really does make a difference.”

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