Grapefruit: This Energetic Indica Will Kickstart Your Morning


Who needs orange juice and coffee for breakfast when you can have the Grapefruit strain? This energizing flower makes for a great way to kickstart your morning and clear the cobwebs of fatigue. Medical cannabis consumers love Grapefruit for mental health and headache relief, while recreational folk tend to appreciate the focused and euphoric vibe this flower offers. Pick up Grapefruit when you’re in need of some blissful mental stimulation.

Strain details


Grapefruit is a sativa-dominant flower. This modern hybrid is a cross between the speedy Cinderella 99 and another unknown sativa strain. While Cinderella 99 may sound like an easy going bud, this mother can produce over 20 percent THC, a hefty amount even for experienced consumers. The complete lineage of this strain may be unknown, but there’s no doubt that the Grapefruit strain has inherited a sharp citrus aroma and an upbeat vibe.

There is some speculation that the moniker “Grapefruit” may be applied to a couple of different strains with distinct genetic lineage. However, without more specific genetic testing, it is difficult to tell which flowers are the “real Grapefruit” and which ones are not. Yet, the confusion hasn’t stopped this bud from developing a reputation as a potent and mouth-watering cannabis flower.

The THC content of Grapefruit can get quite high, sometimes pushing 25 percent. With levels like these, this strain is recommended for those with some cannabis experience. However, novice and moderate consumers may be able to enjoy this strain should you come across samples with 10 to 15 percent THC or less.

The Grapefruit experience


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True to its name, Grapefruit has a delightfully sweet citrus flavor and aroma. In fact, many find that this flower smells remarkably like a juicy red grapefruit. As far as taste is concerned, it often expresses a tanginess or a pungency that gives it a tropical island vibe. The crisp taste and fragrance of this strain provide the first hints to this strain’s energizing nature.

Often classified as a sativa, Grapefruit can be considered a cannabis replacement to your morning cup of coffee. Safe to use as a wake-and-bake bud, this flower is energizing and upbeat without being over the top. Those sensitive to THC, however, may experience some anxiety and/or paranoia with high doses of this silly flower.

Overall, it provides a focused experience that makes it easy to get things done and go about the day. This strain would be a nice selection for a weekend day filled with chores, errands, or busywork that doesn’t require too much thought. Those who need help concentrating for desk or other types of office work may also appreciate this fruity sativa.

Why do people use Grapefruit


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The stimulating nature of the strain makes it a good strain for being out and about. Enjoying a nice run or some leisure sports are solid activities for this strain. In social settings, you can count on some time laughing and enjoying some silliness with friends and family. If you happen to be sharing a tasty meal or picnic together, even better.

One of the most popular reasons medical cannabis consumers pick up this strain is for relief from depression. The relaxed, happy, and uplifting qualities of Grapefruit make it an excellent choice for times of severe stress. This flower can also act as a pick-me-up for those with low mood or struggle with chronic fatigue.

Many medical cannabis patients can expect mild to moderate pain relief from the Grapefruit strain. Though, this flower has a reputation for easing headaches and perhaps a little nausea here and there.

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