Hear Lil Wayne and Drake’s new Family Feud Freestyle

LilWayne and Drake 800x400 Hear Lil Wayne and Drakes new Family Feud Freestyle

Within hours of Jay-Z dropping his video for ‘Family Feud,’ a track from his latest album 4:44, Lil’ Wayne and Drake picked up the rebound with a remix. As Jay-Z’s original addresses plenty of the world surrounding himself recently (Super Bowl goals / My wife in the crib feeding the kids liquid gold… Nobody wins when the family feuds / But my stash can’t fit into Steve Harvey’s suit), Lil’ Wayne and Drake drop verses that are relevant to anyone keeping tabs on them.

For Drake’s lines, he addresses the situation surrounding Meek Mill. The two rappers had an infamous squabble back in 2015, when Mill accused Drake of using ghostwriters for his songs, which Drake shot back at by claiming Mill was just riding the coattails of Nicki Minaj, who he was dating and touring with at the time. That ax has since been buried for greater issues.

Over the course of 2017, Meek Mill got into an altercation at a St Louis airport and on a separate occasion popped a few wheelies on a dirtbike. The two may seem unrelated, but a Philadelphia judge decided that the two incidents qualified as breaking parole. Those parole conditions were given to Mill back in 2008 over gun and drug possession charges. Now Meek Mill faces four to five years in jail, and much of the hip-hop community have expressed their outrage.  

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“We gon’ have to break the billi’ curse / I need my paper long like “A Milli” verse,” raps Drake, “Or too long like a sentence from a Philly judge / Fuck is the point in all the beefin’ when we really blood? / Nobody wins when the family feuds.”

Wayne, however, addresses a feud he isn’t about to drop. In his lines on Family Feud, he chirps Birdman, his once-frequent collaborator. The relationship soured in 2014 over business disagreements. These altercations delayed Wayne’s studio albums, and he hasn’t released once since Free Weezy in 2015.

“I flipped the bird at the Bird, hey / What’s for dinner? Popeyes,” raps Wayne, “These chickens got bird flu / And they chirp, chirp too / Always sung, never flew / These boys hot girls too.”

The track appears on a new version of Wayne’s latest mixtape, Dedication 6, which originally released without Feud.

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