Heavy Hitters Pays Weed Lovers 00 Monthly to Smoke and Travel

I know what you’re thinking: it sounds too good to be true. The thing is…it’s not. Heavy Hitters vape company is actually paying people $1200 per month in cash to travel around the state of California smoking weed, talking about weed, posting about weed, and attending weed events. Oh, and they get $500 for Heavy Hitters products.

The company is calling the team of people who they hire for this dream gig “Heavy Hitters Originals,” meaning, we suppose, they want people with flair who are going to get others excited about what they claim is the “best high in California.” And they sure got it. Everyone from a self-proclaimed “dread-headed, cannabis-consuming hoop dancer” hula-hooping in what looks like Joshua Tree to a dude just talking in front of a fractal tapestry (cause obviously that had to happen) applied.

The company put out a call for “everyone who loves good times and good cannabis” at the end of October via a YouTube announcement. “Travel. Smoke Weed. Get Paid,” reads the caption. The video opens by proclaiming: “You’re about to encounter the opportunity of a lifetime!”

There were no prerequisites and the only thing required to apply was a short video explaining why you should be one of the lucky ones chosen. Applicants were asked to answer questions like “Do you enjoy going to dope events?” (Is that even a question?) and “Do you enjoy smoking cannabis?” (Again, is that question?).

Heavy hitters 1 2 Heavy Hitters Pays Weed Lovers $1200 Monthly to Smoke and Travel
(photo by Peyton Kramer / Flickr)

No surprise, Heavy Hitters got a fuckton of submissions which we highly recommend watching if you’re bored. Only 20 of the “most interesting, passionate, outgoing Heavy Hitters fans” will be selected. If you’re really upset right about now that you missed the November 23rd deadline, you can chime in on who you think should get the gig by sharing your favorite videos on Instagram using #HHOriginals and the tag @heavy.

Heavy Hitters vapes are known for their high potency and come in a variety of strains from Blue Dream to Sour Diesel. They’re sold across the state of California from San Diego to North of San Francisco. But don’t let us tell you that. The Heavy Hitters Originals—whoever they end up being—are sure to give a much more convincing pitch.

Source: HERB co

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