How to plan the dream weed wedding

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Love isn’t the only thing that’s in the air at weddings these days. Rather than raising a glass in honor of holy matrimony, some newlyweds and their guests are lighting up a joint. In legal states like Colorado and Oregon, some weddings are incorporating bud into the entire celebration from edible snack bars to a designated “medicating” area. Here’s how to design the dream weed weeding.

Planning a weed wedding? First, choose a pot-friendly venue

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The first step to planning any wedding is finding a place to get married, of course. But if you’re a weed smoker, you’re not going to want to select just any spot. For the ultimate marijuana-friendly ceremony, you’ll need to choose a venue that allows on-site consumption. Otherwise, you likely will have a hard time getting a certified budtender to show up and serve your guests. For example, Denver’s Bud and Breakfast at The Adagio, which offers event planning services, including budtending, photography, and more.

Hire a budtender

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The bud bar is a weed wedding staple. To provide your guests with the finest selection of bud according to preference, you’ll be better off hiring someone that knows a thing or two about the herb. That way, they can assist your guests in figuring out which strains they can handle and which ones are far too potent. Budtenders don’t charge as much as you would think. In fact, companies like Top Shelf Budtending provide plenty of affordable packages, with some starting as low as $350 for four hours of service. Not to mention, they include all the essentials, including bongs, papers, the bar itself, and much more.

Weed wedding tip 2: arrange a designated smoking area

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If you know guests under the age of 21 will be attending your big day, be sure to provide a designated area for cannabis consumption. After all, it’s probably not a good idea to have Aunt Sherly smoking a fatty in front of the children. Plus, some people need a place where they can escape the crowd for a bit and enjoy a puff or two. Weddings are stressful, you know? It’s generous to also supply devices within your smoking area, from pipes to vaporizers. However, you can always make it a BYOB (bring your own bong) type deal. Having a place to consume safely and out of the way is fair enough.

Tie the knot with the help of a 420-friendly officiant at your weed wedding

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Joints Vows will help you find the perfect person to perform your ceremony whether that’s a priest, rabbi, or non-denominational officiant. “We accept and honor all couple’s beliefs. We make no judgments as to your beliefs, race, creed, color or sexual orientation. If you have the desire to be joined together, we will be happy to help you put a ceremony together that meets your needs,” says the company. Joint Vows can also hook you up with a marriage license so that you can avoid the County Clerk’s Office.

The dream weed wedding: marijuana centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres

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The bridal bouquet, the tables’ centerpieces, and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres commonly include a lovely variety of flowers and leaves. Why not add some marijuana leaves to the bunch? Believe it or not, cannabis gives a classy and chic touch to an already-beautiful arrangement. If you’re worried about making everything look like a big ball of pot, then you don’t have to craft the pieces on your own. Bud florists like Bec Koop of Denver’s Buds & Blossoms can help you add all the finishing touches to your wedding.

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Final step: pot favors

Last, but certainly not least, you can curate the perfect weed wedding by providing guests with pot-friendly favors to take home. The possibilities for infused-favors are endless but, in case you need some ideas, try THC-infused lollipops. Or, a decorative airtight container with a sample of something strong. Customized doob tubes containing joints are also a hit. That way, the fun continues even after the party is over.

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