How to Roll a Cross Joint

How do you become the GOAT of your friend group? Cross joint.

Showing up with a cross joint is a power move. It’s a means of levelling up—accruing status, accolades, and respect with whomever you share it with. One must ask themselves: what would Jesus smoke? Cross joint. Who would he share it with? Seth Rogan. So don’t let these titans of weed smoking culture down—roll up a cross joint of your own. Here’s how to do it.

What You Need

How to Roll a Cross Joint How to Roll a Cross Joint
Photography by Georgia Love for Herb
  • Grinder (or pre-ground weed)
  • King sized rolling papers
  • Small rolling papers
  • Pin, or any other sharp thin object of comparable size.


Step 1: The first step to rolling a good cross joint is rolling a good regular joint. And by good, I mean big. Use your king-sized rolling papers for this joint. This is going to act as the large vertical part of your cross. Therefore, it needs to be wide enough of a joint to fit another joint through it. Try to stuff this joint with as much cannabis as possible. It’s more important for this joint to be fat than tall.

Step 2: Next, you’re going to roll a much smaller, thinner joint. This is the joint you’re going to eventually shove through the first, fatter joint, completing the cross shape. Roll this joint with your small papers, and make sure it’s super thin. The key to this joint will be twisting it at both ends. This is because you’re going to eventually light it from both ends.

Step 3: Now it’s time to poke a hole through the top of your fatter joint so you can fit the thinner joint through it. Don’t poke the hole too close to the top of your fat joint, or too low. Think about where the horizontal axis normally is on a cross and try to replicate that. Push the pin all the way through the fat joint and spin it around a few times to create an opening for the smaller joint. Then, pull out the pin.

Step 4: Next, poke a hole through the very center of your thinner joint. This hole will eventually allow smoke to flow out of the thin joint, through the thicker joint, and into your mouth. So be precise, and get it right! Make sure the hole is in the part of the joint that will be inside the thicker joint. If the hole isn’t in this exact spot, it will ruin your entire operation. Just poke the pin all the way through the thin joint and spin it around a bit to widen the hole.

Step 5: This is the step that will bring your cross joint to life. Carefully shove the thin joint through the hole you created in your thicker joint. Line up the hole you created in the thin joint so that it’s on the inside of the thicker joint. Twist the thin joint so that the hole going through it points down towards the filter and up towards the top of the fat joint.

Step 6: Just to make sure everything goes according to plan, it’s a good idea to reinforce your cross joint. To do this, tear the glue strips off another joint. Wrap them around the part of your cross joint where the small joint intersects with the thick joint. This will prevent air from escaping out of the joints of your cross joint. Without lighting it, try pulling on the joint. If it’s airtight, you’ll feel and hear the paper contract and crinkle. If this doesn’t happen, and you can pull air through the mouthpiece, it means there’s a hole somewhere that’s messing with your joints airflow. In this case, locate the hole, and cover it with another glue strip.

Step 7: Once your cross joint is airtight, it’s time to spark that bad boy! Since humans don’t typically have three arms, you’ll likely need help lighting your cross joint. So recruit your best friend, show off your hard work, share the wealth. Alternatively, you can use a candle to light the tip of the joint while you use lighters to spark the two smaller ends, and smoke the whole thing on your own. Go ahead, be selfish! We won’t judge you.

How to Roll a Cross Joint2 How to Roll a Cross Joint
Photography by Georgia Love for Herb
How to Roll a Cross Joint4 How to Roll a Cross Joint
Photography by Georgia Love for Herb

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