How To Throw A Cannabis-Themed Tailgate Buffet Of Gameday Goodness

It is the day before your tailgate party, and you’re scrambling like Russell Wilson to figure out your spread. Will you go the easy route and put out chips, salsa and chicken wings? Or will you dare to impress with a cannabis-themed buffet of gameday goodness? Hint – you should go with the cannabis buffet, and here’s how to do it. First thing’s first. Get your hands on some high-grade cannabis flower or, oil. Then you’re going to want to test it. Grab your favorite smoking or vaping apparatus and get to it. Now, you need to design your menu. If you’re smart, you layout your menu before buying the cannabis. That way you have enough. Let’s assume you are smart and prepared ahead of time.

Cannabis chicken wings


Wings are a staple of tailgate parties but are often played out. A sure-fire way to have people talking about your game day wings is to infuse the sauce with cannabis. Be sure to select a sativa strain for your infusion – you don’t want the party passing out on you. Add a little spice to your sauce by incorporating cayenne pepper. It’ll get the blood flowing and potentially intensify the high.

Viceland recently had NFL players Eben Britton, Eugene Monroe, and Todd Herremans on Bong Appetit to sample their infused wings. It seemed to go over well – the wings didn’t last long.

Buds and brews


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Your guests are going to be thirsty, and there is a quenching cannabis solution that you can provide. There are a variety of non-alcoholic cannabis beverages that might appeal to your more conservative guests. But there are also plenty of cannabis booze options out there too. You can even purchase hemp beer that is heavy on CBD – this could be handy.

Tailgate Vape


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Remember, not everyone is a fan of eating cannabis – but they still like smoking or vaping. Be the host with the most by getting your hands on the Plenty. This vaporizer comes from the makers of the Volcano and is portable and durable. It gives you Von Miller sized hits, and looks good when placed near desserts.

Cannabis desserts


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Don’t forget the sweet stuff. Every tailgate MVP comes prepared with a cannabis-infused dessert… or two. You can go the traditional route and bake some infused brownies. But you should give them some character with cannabis icing. Another option is to get some fresh apples or peaches and make a cannabis cobbler. If it isn’t too cold yet, try making a cannabis-infused ice cream—it’s a lot easier than you think.

The menu and location for the cannabis tailgate party are set. Did you remember to invite everyone? Chances are your friends won’t want to miss this game day buffet, and you should be ready to field a ton of questions.

The most common; How high is this going to make me? Your answer should be in the range of Roger Goodell and Johnny Manziel – keep them guessing like Peyton Manning.

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