Iron Man’s Costume Designer Created Elon Musk’s New Spacesuits

If you’re a genius, a billionaire, a playboy, and philanthropist, you might as well channel more Tony Stark, by having the designers of Iron Man’s armor create your new spacesuits. As the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk makes sure that every aspect of the future of space travel is perfect, which even includes the spacesuits. And he has unveiled the first image of the space suit that could help take mankind to Mars and beyond.

Spacesuits with aesthetics and function

Posting on Instagram, the SpaceX founder said the futuristic suits – intended to “balance aesthetics and function” have been tested, and are near enough ready for action.

The prototype space suit, which can only be seen from the waist up in the post, features a sleek, minimalist black-and-white aesthetic, looking more like something you’d see in a motion picture than what’s been used – and still are used – by NASA astronauts.

It is reported that the suit will most likely be worn by the astronauts who involved in the SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule mission, which is set to take crewmembers to the International Space Station – to begin with, anyway.

A stark contrast


While the suit was just revealed in August, it was first announced in 2015, when Musk revealed his plans to develop a revolutionary space suit in a Reddit AMA. During the development, Musk reportedly told designers he wanted the suits to be “badass,” which led to him hiring the costume designer for Iron Man and The Avengers, Jose Fernandez, to help get the suit to that level.

In an interview with Bleep, Fernandez said the suits were just that, badass. He also said, “Musk kept saying, when people put this space suit on, he wants them to look better than when they did without it, like a tux, you look heroic in it – that’s why it’s an iconic thing to be a part of.”

So, when will they see action? The genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist hopes to be in a position to send citizens – those who can afford it, of course – on a trip to the moon by 2018, and has plans to get humans to Mars and back by 2060.

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