Jack The Ripper: The Speedy Sativa For The Ultimate Wake ‘N Bake

While the strain is named after the infamous 19th-century serial killer, this flower is far from deadly. The Jack the Ripper strain is quite friendly, providing consumers with a happy and upbeat cerebral high. This flower is energizing enough to use during the day, making it the perfect bud for those seeking headache and mild pain relief without added drowsiness.

Strain details


The Jack the Ripper strain is a speedy sativa hybrid that stems from the Jack Herer line. Bred by the well-known TGA Subcool Seeds, Jack the Ripper is an exciting cross between Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen.

Jack’s Cleaner is a direct descendant of the Jack Herer strain, which is one of the most famous sativas in the world. Space Queen is a potent hybrid known for its dreamy and powerful mind and body effects.

The resulting flower, Jack the Ripper, has inherited a very serious ability to produce THC. While strains classified as sativa tend to produce less THC than indicas and indica hybrids, Jack the Ripper can boast up to 20 percent of the psychoactive. On average, however, expect between 15 and 17 percent THC.

Samples featuring THC levels on the lower end of the scale will be appropriate for moderate cannabis consumers. The higher the THC, the more experience with the herb is recommended.

In terms of aroma, many Jack the Ripper enthusiasts find that this flower offers an aroma similar to Jack’s Cleaner. Expect plenty of sharp citrus notes from this flower, with ample sour lemon qualities. The citrus aroma of this strain can give it an almost chemical quality, perhaps slightly similar to lemon cleaner. You could say that it has some tang.

The Jack the Ripper experience

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Those seeking a reliable morning bud are in luck. Jack the Ripper is an energizing and upbeat strain. This flower would be an excellent choice for a wake n’ bake session, as many find that it provides a calm yet focused mental stimulation. In theory, the strain should be a solid replacement for a morning cup of coffee.

The overall experience of this flower is happy, uplifting, and clear-headed. Those seeking a high-THC strain for the workday may find that this flower puts them in the mood to get things done. It may even help you actually enjoy what you’re doing even if you typically find the task boring or annoying. However, you may find yourself daydreaming with high doses of this friendly flower.

In terms of negative effects, Jack the Ripper is known to cause some dry eye and cotton mouth. High doses of this flower are more likely to cause anxiety and paranoia, particularly in folks who are more sensitive to THC. Staying in a calm and comfortable environment can help reduce the mental side effects should they occur.

Why do people use Jack the Ripper


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Talkative and sociable, Jack the Ripper is a real treat at a social gathering. Those with social anxiety may find low does of this bud to be helpful before a date or a group event. Yet, watch out for anxiety in higher doses.

If you don’t feel like being out and about, this is a great strain to whip out for household chores, projects, and yard work. Many find this cerebral flower stimulating enough to make the mundane just a little more interesting and manageable.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up Jack the Ripper for relief from mild to moderate aches and pains. Those who suffer from headaches or migraines also tend to have good luck with this spunky sativa.

However, the most popular reasons cannabis patients gravitate toward this strain is for daytime relief from mental ailments like chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and perhaps even brain fog and fatigue.

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