Know the infinite applications of hemp at Spannabis 2017

Spannabis, the most important cannabis fair in the world, ( both by number of visitors, participants, and accredited media ) will bring to Madrid the latest innovations of this great industry offering all attendees the opportunity to know firsthand the authenticity and value of products derived from the hemp plant.

There are pairings that work well from the beginning and the result is usually admirable. The binomial cannabis-art is proof of this and, therefore, do not miss the Art zone, inspiration and creation united in space alone. A space full of talent that collects humor through cartoons that you can take home with Becartoon live; emotion and life with Live Painting by Hugo Elías who defines his art as “an introspective journey in search of a full harmony between feeling, intuition and expression” and, finally, Body Paint that will remember and honor this type of ancestral painting with recreations.

“After the resounding success of its last edition in Barcelona, Spannabis, the Hemp Fair, returns to Madrid on October 13, 14 and 15, 2017 in the Glass Pavilion of Casa de Campo

In addition to this area there are around 200 exhibitors and concerts of reference, Spannabis runs October 13, 14, and 15 with a Showroom full of activities even more attractive. Take note!

  • Cannabis Spa: from marijuana to cosmetic. A workshop where you can learn how to obtain the extracts of cannabis used in natural cosmetics and create your own products: essences, aromatic marijuana waters, gel and cannabis ointments. Places are limited so it is best to sign up soon.
  • Manufacture of products based on hemp. A demonstration of how the versatility of hemp in its food chain does not leave anyone indifferent. Oil, flour, butter, milkshakes and … even ice cream! Here you will know the process of making various products and you can take home the most delicious recipes.
  • Do you want a tasting? Spannabis makes it easy with Keep calm and drink hemp beer! An exquisite selection of the best beers with hemp & cannabis in the national market. Find out the hidden secrets of this millenary drink from the hand of the biggest cannabis breweries of the moment.
  • You should not miss a classic, Hit the sweet, in which to discover the world of sugar cane pastries and let you take the most greedy proposals of the fair. Vegan brownie, chocolate cream, egg custard, milkshakes or chocolates with the star ingredient of the Show Spannabis Madrid 2017!
  • And finally, the so-called TAPEO cañamero de Spannabis, a moment to enjoy introducing the hemp in your kitchen. The recipes? Of the most popular: marinated salmon, tuna tataki, vegetable spaghetti, hummus, guacamole, chocolates of vegetable and protein, pesto sauce … has your appetite opened up?

More information on hemp

Hemp is not the same as psychoactive cannabis. Both come from the same herbaceous species, Cannabis sativa L. However, the main purpose of hemp is fiber production and lacks psychoactive power due to the scarcity of THC, cannabinoid causing psychoactivity. Its morphological characteristics are similar. Among them is the characteristic cannabis leaf. That is why some labels and brands of products made with hemp make use of this image.

Some interesting facts about hemp: It is the longest and most resistant fiber known to man. Your fabric can become softer, insulating, absorbent, cooler and harder than cotton. It has been cultivated since the year 2800 a.C. in China. One hectare of hemp can produce as much useful fiber as four of trees or two of cotton.

Hemp is more resistant and does not require acids or chlorine. In addition, it can be recycled seven times. Cannabis agglomerate resists twice as much as wood and holds nails better. Cannabis is the most versatile plant. Virtually any product can be made from it. The US Declaration of Independence and its 1st Constitution were made with hemp paper. The first Gutenberg bibles were made on hemp paper.

Anything made of wood or plastic could be made from hemp, in addition to being biodegradable. In 1941 Henry Ford built a car whose body was made, in part, of hemp. Today, the best companies dedicated to motoring manufacture parts of hemp. At present, all industrialized countries cultivate hemp.

90% of the sails and ropes for sailing from the 5th century BC. until the end of the 19th century AD. were made with hemp. Seed oil contains the largest quantity of essential fatty oils known in a plant. The protein contained in the seeds is the most complete and is the most complete food that man can find in a plant.

A review of the history of mankind and hemp: For 4,000 years we have lived with hemp until it was banned (cultivation and consumption) in 1937, in the USA. For centuries hemp in Spain has been an intrinsic element of culture, society and economy. In any place of the planet it was applied in the elaboration of footwear, clothes, etc.

In the western world, from the time of Columbus until the beginning of the 20th century, maritime charts, maps, logbooks and bibles were made with paper containing hemp fibers. Paper made from hemp lasted 75 times longer than most papyrus preparations, as well as being easier and cheaper to make.

80% of all fabrics and fabrics used by mankind for the manufacture of garments, linen, carpets, curtains, sheets, towels, diapers, duvets, tents … were made from cannabis fibers until early of XIX century in USA and early twentieth century in many other countries. The English word “cannvas” (canvas, canvas) is the Dutch pronunciation of the Greek word “kannabis”.

Until the beginning of the 19th century, hemp seed oil was the most used to light both in Europe and the rest of the world. For 3,000 years, until 1842, a great variety of marijuana extracts, obtained from leaves, shoots, roots etc.

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