What are the top Marijuana Health Benefits?

Lately we’ve been hearing more and more stories of people who found hope in medical marijuana. For sure you’ve heard or read a story about marijuana being a cure for an illness, perhaps it has saved them or their loved ones.

So we’re doing our share to spread the word about the health benefits of medical cannabis. Here are some of those people, their stories and how it saved them.

Woman Cured Terminal Brain Tumor With Cannabis Oil After Chemo Failed

Lynn Cameron beat cancer - marijuana health benefits

Thanks to medical marijuana, Lynn Cameron was saved from a brain tumour. A Scottish woman, at age 48, was told that she had only 6 to 18 months to live because of a brain tumour. Doctors tried to remove the tumour but she was still declared incurable because they couldn’t get it all…

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy failed to get rid of the remaining cancer in her brain and it looked like she’d run out of option…

Instead of giving up hope Lynn was told about CBD oil by a friend and she tried it. She didn’t think it would work at first. Each brain scan showed that the tumour was shrinking and since she’d stopped chemo and radiotherapy she figured it must be the CBD oil that was working!

Now Lynn has been given the all clear on her brain tumour, but her doctors don’t believe the CBD oil could have been responsible… But then they don’t know what we know!

Medical marijuana saved the life of this 8-year-old boy with Angelman Syndrome

Caiden saved from endless seizures by Marijuana - marijuana health benefits - Angelman syndrome

Caiden is an 8-year-old boy with a very rare neuro-genetic disorder called Angelman Syndrome. It is a debilitating, neurological condition where children experience developmental delays, lack of speech, seizures and walking/balancing disorders. Caiden started having grand-mal seizures at 2 and a half years of age and hasn’t learned to talk.

Caiden took a whole range of the usual anti-psychotic drugs, many of which made him worse… Over time he became resistant to his old medication and his new medication wasn’t working, so at his lowest point, he was having seizures daily. He’s lost so much weight that he only weighed 30lbs (around 15 kilos!) and he spent 5 months in a wheelchair unable to walk.

Caiden’s parents were losing hope when they heard about Charlottes Web, a high CBD Cannabis oil, developed for Charlotte Figi, the first child to successfully use CBD oil for her seizures.  That’s when the amazing happened! Caiden stopped having seizures altogether! He started walking and it was as if nothing had ever happened to him!

6 months later he was off nearly all of his anti-seizure medication and had started going to school regularly and learning sign language…

And these are just some of the amazing powers of marijuana and health benefits of CBD oil!


Meet The Woman Who Says She Beat Her Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil

Sharon Kelly beat lung cancer - marijuana health benefits

Sharon Kelly was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and was told she would only survive for somewhere between six and nine months.

Sharon was told that it was already too late to start Chemo and radiotherapy and that she should spend her remaining time with her family. (Editor comment: At least they didn’t insist on giving her chemo and making her feel physically terrible while also waiting to die…  That is something…)

Feeling dejected and devastated, Kelly was close to becoming hopeless until her daughter found some information on the internet about Cannabis oil for chronic diseases… With nothing left to lose Sharon started taking the cannabis oil and cleaned up her diet to an alkaline diet…

After only a few months her lung cancer tumour had shrunk from 5cm to only 2.1 cm and her lymph nodes had returned to their normal size.

After 7 months of taking cannabis oil, she was given the all clear and deemed cancer-free!

13 months after first being diagnosed with fatal stage 4 cancer Sharon Kelly is still cancer free! Thanks to the health benefits of Cannabis!

Meet Stefanie LaRue: Cancer Survivor and Medical Marijuana Advocate

Stefanie LaRue - marijuana health benefits - medicalJane

“Say No To Chemotherapy, Yes To Cannabis Oil” – Stefanie LaRue, a breast cancer survivor in Texas.

Her world came to a halt in 2005 after her boyfriend discovered a lump in her breast. At first she was misdiagnosed as she was considered too young to have breast cancer, being only 30 at the time… She was given rounds of antibiotics at first, and then finally diagnosed with cancer, so chemotherapy treatments and then surgery followed. Sadly the prognosis was grim and was given only a year to live… She had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and it had already spread to her bones…

She quit her stressful job under the advice of a friendly nurse. Stefanie went on disability allowance and started to work on making lifestyle changes such as taking supplements, working on her diet, getting acupuncture and improving her personal fitness.

She also started the Rick Simpson Oil Protocol (RSO) which is a whole-plant cannabis extract, (rather than CBD oil which is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and hemp).

Having started the RSO protocol there was a progressive decrease in cancer cells test to test and scan to scan, Eventually Stefanie was shown as cancer free!

Since then Stefanie has been campaigning as a Medical Marijuana advocate and helping women under 40 who are diagnosed with breast cancer.


Deb’s Story: I Was A Nurse In Vietnam And Cannabis Is My Medicine

Debs Staires - Vietnam nurse cannabis - marijuana health benefits

“I changed my diet completely, started jacking up my body’s pH and generally cleaning up what I put in and on my body. I started with the smallest grain of rice of FECO (full extract cannabis oil) until I was taking a full gram a day.” – Deb Staires (Retired Nurse, Artist, Activist and Medical Cannabis advocate)

Deb Staires discovered that she has Hepatitis C when she donated blood to help a colleague on dialysis with kidney failure. She was informed that she had Hep C, and later discovered she had a tumour in her liver after a scan.

Thus began the start of an expensive drug regimen that didn’t provide a cure… Even after waiting 14 years for new drugs to come through the approval process she still didn’t have good options… Her tumour needed to grow to get her on the transplant list…

The wonders of FECO!

Instead of waiting for the doctors, Deb went ahead and changed her diet, working on her body pH and looking at what she put on and in her body… As well as taking full extract cannabis oil (FECO).

Debs continued with the usual medical route taking expensive drug regimens, and undergoing invasive procedures. Eventually she was eligible for a liver transplant but the blood test showed that she has THC in her system. She was no longer deemed a suitable candidate to receive a new liver despite having a medical marijuana card!

Debs decided not to pursue a transplant, continuing with her medical marijuana oil and to this day is still cancer and Hepatitis C free!

She is still working to help transplant patients

Deb Staires - Marijuana Health Benefits


A mom’s story: Why medical marijuana is pro-life

From inoperable brain tumour back to school thanks to marijuana health benefits

“Being a cancer mom is tough, but nothing like what my son is going through. I pray we can get cannabis legalized here in NC!!” — Tweet by Jennifer Evans.

Aaron was diagnosed with a Grade-three anaplastic astrocytoma (a type of brain tumour) just before his 14 birthday. After undergoing surgery twice, a month of radiotherapy and a year of Chemotherapy… He had a new tumour…

The doctors wanted him to continue with what was essentially a failed protocol, but his mother Jennifer had heard about another option… Medical Cannabis!

The only problem was that in North Carolina the legalisation of cannabis had been proposed multiple times by Democrats and killed by Republicans… So as any mother would do to save their child, Jennifer set out for Colorado where cannabis is legal.

Although she was from out of state she wasn’t able to get the best dosage or protocol for Aaron, but he is doing much better thanks to the FECO! He’s back in school and doing well. Meanwhile Jennifer is getting together with other Cancer Moms and battling the state of North Carolina to try to get medical cannabis legalised so that others can experience the same marijuana health benefits!

Have you heard about any other Marijuana Health Benefits?

This is just a short list of the people who have found hope, health and relief from the use of medical marijuana… And the list goes on. These are real stories from people whose worlds were once crushed. They felt hopeless until they discover a plant that is falsely known for being harmful and deviant.

Thanks to these voices, medical marijuana is slowly getting the attention of lawmakers around the world. As Jennifer Evans has said, “Medical marijuana is pro-life”

Wanna make a difference? Share and spread the word!

Leave a comment below with any other stories you’ve heard… Or share your own for a chance to be interviewed and featured on FindWeedShops.co!!

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