The Development and Progress of Marijuana Legalization in Europe

It’s been a long time coming but Marijuana Legalization in Europe may be getting closer for more of us Europeans!

Cannabis is being decriminalised and legalised around the world, particularly in a growing number of states in America, as well as parts of Canada, and famously Uruguay…

Plus those wacky people in North Korea! (Just think of the paranoia those guys must endure)

But until now Europe has only had a handful of places where it’s legal to smoke the sacred herb… The Netherlands being the most well known in Europe, but Spain has also decriminalised weed and allows private cultivation of a number of plants for personal use as well as Cannabis Clubs…

Lately, there has been a slew of marijuana legalization news coming out about various countries in Europe as they either soften their stance on the illegality of Cannabis or look into ways of regulating the Cannabis industry for health and taxation purposes.

Either way, it’s looking better and better for Europeans that like to use marijuana for health, relaxation and recreational purposes.

The Progress of Marijuana Legalization in Europe

Check out what we’ve put together below for the latest developments in the legalization of marijuana in Europe.

We’ll keep updating this page as news comes out about the growing legalisation movement in Europe, so stay tuned, bookmark the post and check back soon! Of course, you’re welcome to join the Facebook page too, we update it often!


Read the latest on Marijuana Legalization in Europe:

This is good news…

Medicinal cannabis to be legalized on prescription in U.K.

Hopefully.. *Cross fingers..

Blazing a trail: as legal cannabis goes global, will Britain be next?

If it’s good for California can we Europeans really disagree?

California legalises cannabis: is Europe next?


Once the market for Cannabis is Global, can Europe afford to sit on the sidelines and watch? Besides most of the rest of the world is simply echoing America’s hardline anti-drug policies, so if they are softening up then why aren’t we?

The global cannabis market: How Europe is chipping in


It makes sense as a way to gain the popular vote and at the same time get rid of archaic and outdated laws on Marijana illegality…

UK: Lib Dems Under Vince Cable Still Want to Legalise Cannabis

The Portuguese have had their own way of approaching problems for some time now… They give the status quo a shot but once they recognise that it doesn’t’ work they’re open to trying different routes… They did it with Austerity, and now they look to do the same with the good Herb…

Portugal's largest political party endorses cannabis legalization


Malta are also moving forward with Medical Marijuana…

Malta is finally getting serious about it's Medical Marijuana industry


The French are getting in on the act and instead of putting people in prison, are thinking about only fining for possession… It’s small steps but it makes much better sense…

France Considers Fining Cannabis Possession


Guess who is trying to get their economy out of a nose dive with the Good Green stuff? Just take a moment and think about your last holiday… olive oil, feta… Need we say more? They’re already a pretty Chill nation, but economic crisis just doesn’t suit them… So perhaps growing, selling and taxing Cannabis will be a good boost for the economy?

You'll never guess which country is betting on marijuana to pull its economy out of the doldrums


Listen to the Doctors! They know best… Medical Marijuana is a natural and effective substance, and even safer when eaten or used in a vaporiser… Check out the vape shop if you want to get something for your medical MJ…

Portuguese doctors back marijuana medicine as bill enters parliament


This has been announced a while back but not much seems to be happening on the surface… These things often take time to go through all of the official channels… We hope that it doesn’t stay in the hands of big corporations…

Greece set to allow Medical Cannabis use


A little out of date now but here is a roundup of the European Cannabis Industry… Q1

Q1 European Cannabis Industry Update Report


That’s all for now, we hope you’ve enjoyed this digest about Marijuana Legalization in Europe!

Check back soon, we’ll be updating this regularly with the latest legalisation news from around Europe…

And let us know if you’d like news on legalisation for specific countries (in Europe and the rest of the world)

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