Migraines are torturous and paralyzing, mentally and physically. When they strike, everything hurts. The smell of perfume matches death, bright lights seem blinding, and any sound louder than a whisper is piercing to the ears. If you’re all too familiar with what it’s like to be attacked by these killer headaches, then you must be one of 38 million people who suffers from them. To release yourself from the throbbing agony that this beast they call a migraine has bestowed upon you, you can either wait as long as two hours for OTC medication like Excedrin to kick in—or you can smoke or vaporize one of these pain-relieving, nausea-reducing buds for faster relief and fewer side effects. Here are the 5 best strains for migraines.

1. Cherry Diesel

Cherry Diesel Marijuana Strain The Best Strains for Migraines When You Need Immediate Relief

For daytime relief, Cherry Diesel is a helpful hybrid that diminishes the pain and stress that accompany an intense headache to keep you pushing through your day like a boss. Cherry Diesel is also cheerful and uplifting and will diminish any fog in your brain to make room for creativity overflow. Whether you need inspiration for a story or are brainstorming for an upcoming project, Cherry Diesel is just the fruity strain to smoke. This wild red-haired bud features 17 percent THC on average and even makes for an excellent replacement for your morning cup of Joe, which with all the caffeine can trigger a migraine. Cherry Diesel is as energizing as it is upbeat.

2. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Marijuana Strain The Best Strains for Migraines When You Need Immediate Relief

Your head isn’t the only thing that feels like it’s going to explode when a migraine strikes. It hits you right in the gut too. To tame nausea and severe headache pain during a vicious migraine attack, Dairy Queen is the most healing hybrid, especially during the day. Dairy Queen delivers energy, a cheerful attitude, and a clear head in addition to pain and nausea relief. Not only will it assist you during an attack but also post-migraine, aka postdrome or migraine hangover. The THC content of Dairy Queen varies from 16 to 20 percent, but the taste is always consistent. Sweet, cheesy, and delicious, like smoking on a slice of cheesecake.

3. Mother’s Helper

Mothers Helper Marijuana Strain The Best Strains for Migraines When You Need Immediate Relief

Mother knows best. If a migraine is too unbearable to tend to chores or your motivation is lacking, Mother’s Helper is a euphoric and balanced hybrid that will pick you up out of your funk and get you in gear. Just a few hits of Mother’s Helper is all it takes to boost your energy, focus, and mood and tackle the wretched symptoms of migraines. This fierce flower is known to have as much as 25 percent THC, making it a powerful contender in the fight against pain, nausea, and stress.

4. Chocolate Chunk

Allevi8 Chocolope 23 The Best Strains for Migraines When You Need Immediate Relief

For a strain that will knock out a migraine and you at the same time, try Chocolate Chunk. Featuring chocolate and coffee flavors, smoking Chocolate Chunk is like smoking on a hot mocha, except this indica won’t interfere with your zzzs. Chocolate Chunk typically has anywhere from 16 to 22 percent THC and in high doses, delivers full-body relaxation quick, fast, and in a hurry. The more you inhale, the sweeter the slumber.

5. Kryptonite 

Another bedtime strain to medicate with when a migraine is keeping you up at night is Kryptonite. If it weren’t for Kryptonite’s lavender speckled buds and sparkly silver trichomes, then you would swear you were smoking on a sleeping pill. This indica hybrid can be found with a THC content higher than 25 percent and is deeply sedating, especially in high doses. Not to mention, it’s one powerful painkiller and nausea reducer. Migraines don’t stand a chance against the punch of this potent flower.

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