Dabbing has quickly become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. Concentrate sales in the United States alone are forecasted to reach $8 billion by 2022. Colorado dispensaries attribute half of their revenue to some variant of cannabis concentrates. Needless to say, people love hitting dabs.

Whether it’s in the form of wax, hash oil, shatter, or budder, seasoned medicinal and recreational cannabis users alike agree that dabbing is among the best and most efficient ways to use cannabis.

If you’re already a dab enthusiast, this isn’t news to you. You’re probably already very familiar with what concentrates have to offer over dried flowers. Perhaps you’re even hitting some right now as you read this.

That’s not to say that dried cannabis flowers aren’t amazing. But it’s undeniable that dabbing elevates the cannabis experience immensely for those seeking to experience rich terpene profiles and stronger doses.

Enjoying dabs to the fullest begins with a good dab torch, suited for your daily routine. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to find the best dab torch for you.

How to Identify the Best Dab Torch

Dabbing requires incredibly high heat temperatures for effective ingestion, which is why dab torches, formally known as butane hand torches, make a suitable option.

Shopping for the right dab torch can be tricky. It’s tempting to get distracted by bells and whistles and dismiss practicality. But something sturdy and reliable can make a significant difference between great, consistent dabs, and lousy, mediocre ones.

Additional factors to consider when purchasing a dab torch are its physical and mechanical makeup, such as flame size, knob strength, firmness, safety, and grip. All vary immensely and depend on your personal preferences. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is the torch’s flame consistent and evenly dispersed?
  • How much butane can the dab torch hold? How often does the torch need to be refilled?
  • How durable is the base, body, and overall physical quality of the dab torch?
  • Does the dab torch have a safety lock?
  • Does the torch have a warranty?

Other questions you might want to ask before purchasing a good dab torch are dependent on the kind of lifestyle, routine, and personal preferences that you have:

  • Do you hit dabs on-the-go or indoors?
  • Do you have children and/or pets around often?
  • What are the normal weather conditions like where you hit dabs?

Asking yourself these questions can impact the decision-making process immensely when purchasing a dab torch. Butane hand torches aren’t the only option available either. Many mini-butane torches and butane lighters can provide alternative options that offer space, flexibility, and efficiency.

Propane Torch vs Butane Torch

Using propane over butane is undoubtedly tempting. It’s significantly cheaper and tends to provide the hottest flame possible when heating concentrates. However, propane tanks can be prone to gas leaks if not closed tightly or stored correctly. If you’re looking for options hotter than butane, your best—and safest—bet is to invest an eNail, among other possibilities for dabbing that don’t require a blowtorch.

Best Dab Torches 2018

Butane hand torches are available at most home, kitchen, or hardware stores, and though they are perfectly suitable for dabbing, don’t feature all of the qualities tailored to dab enthusiasts.

Fortunately, there are plenty of independent manufacturers that have created torches specifically for improving your dabbing experience.

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch

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Handcrafted in Japan since 1985, the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch has the practicality, ingenuity, and ergonomic features that have made many products from the country the gold standard.

Of course, this butane hand torch isn’t really for dabbing, however, as an industrial tool designed specifically for professional use, dabbers highly revere it as their go-to choice for the best dab torch currently on the market.

With its an anti-flare, brass-frame nozzle, the Blazer GT8000 allows flame-length and control that goes as high as 2500º F.

The GT8000 holds double the amount of butane that competing torches do. Though on the pricier side of the dab torch scale, the GT8000 will likely save you money on butane refills over time, making it well worth the investment.

Since the company behind the Blazer GT8000 has been active for over thirty years, there are quite a few models and editions available from their line of butane hand torches, but the GT8000 Big Shot is easily the favorite among the dabbing community.


The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch1 The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch
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Vector offers a lifetime, no-questions-asked warranty on all of their products, perfect for the clumsiest smokers out there. If you have no plans to stop dabbing anytime soon, the warranty alone makes investing in a Vector torch worth every penny. As far as hardware goes, Vector torches reign supreme over many other torches currently available.

The Vector Nitro Portable Butane Torch creates two types of flames (lava and jet torch) that reach 2600° F. Their line also offers some incredibly catchy portable mini-torches that are available in several colors.

Cinderwitch Torches

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch2 The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch
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At first glance, Cinderwitch Torches look like something out of the distant future. Cinderwitch’s line of dab torches are easily among the sleekest, smoothest, and most durable products for heating dabs out there.

The luxury-line of dab torches offers Single, Double, and Triple jet torches with ergonomic features for optimal maneuverability and efficiency. Their torches also include a flame-lock and push-button ignition for easy use.

Scorch Torch Capilano

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch3 The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch
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Though the Scorch Torch products are geared primarily at lighting cigars, the Capilano is a quadruple flame torch that is an incredibly suitable option for people with limited space.

This four-jet butane light is also perfect for dabbing on-the-go. As a butane lighter, its resistant to wind, portable, and refillable. In other words, it’s a must-have for dabbers who like to keep things simple.

SToK R Series Mega Butane: R Series Micro Torch

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch5 The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch
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The R Series Micro Torch is the best choice for dabbers who are on a budget. SToK’s dab torch line is made specifically for dabbers. As a low-cost alternative, the R Series Micro Torch features instant ignition and switch technology.

The SToK’s dab torch lights the flame in a cinch, offering hands-free maneuverability, ideal for any situation where you find your hands tied. This edition of the SToK also features a flame adjuster that adequately disperses a flame properly in bangers of all makes.

Where to Find a Custom Dab Torch


The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch4 The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Dab Torch
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As far as custom dab torches go, ErrlyBird seems to be the only company currently cornering this niche market. Some of the dab torches in their store feature Rick and Morty, Calvin and Hobbes, King of the Hill and other pop culture classics.

Errlybird’s Torch Line is both stylish and practical.

They look impressive, but they also produce one hell of a flame, reaching 2700° F. These dab torches also include ‘Quik-Fire’ recognition, and include easy ignite features like one hand activation. Torch Art products include a three-month warranty on their excellent products.

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