There’s A New Binge Watching Mode For Hardcore Netflix Fans


Everyone’s favorite streaming service may soon be getting a new feature to help keep track of the time we spend on “just one more episode” or  09o     binge watching mode. At a recent Netflix event, researchers and idealist revealed their latest brainchildren to the company. While some ideas were less than impressive, one particular suggestion has piqued the interest of company executives. After all, viewers might actually like to know how much of their life is wasted rewatching Orange Is The New Black.

Netflix introduces binge watching mode


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In an attempt to help us fit in even more binge-worthy television, Netflix has developed a new tool that calculates the exact amount of time we’ll need to watch a series. The down side? It actually tells us how long we’ve already been watching.

That’s right, while it might be easy to click “yes” right now when asked if you’re still watching, imagine how you’ll feel once you see a tiny timeline at the bottom of the screen glowing red to show how you’ve spent the last eight hours of your life.

Netflix understands its viewers love to binge watch. The bingers are a big reason why seasons are released in their entirety once a year. This gives consumers the chance to sit in front of their televisions over a weekend and enjoy an entire storyline with back-to-back episodes. Could you imagine being able to only watch one episode of Narcos a week, like traditional television? Not happening.

At Netflix’s Hack Day, a yearly event where engineers blow off steam and present some fresh, new ideas they’ve been keeping on the backburner, a feature was debuted that would allow viewers to enter a “binge mode.” This might sound like the perfect companion to a blunt and a Friday night in, but the actual tool has the ability to open our eyes to just how much television we’re actually consuming.



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The new binge mode would display timeline bars explaining how far we’ve made it through a season or series, as well as how much time we have left. Rather than letting us guesstimate the hours it will take to watch 13 episodes of Jane The Virgin, with the new binge mode, that information will be displayed right on the big screen.

Can you imagine the first time someone comes over to Netflix and chill, and there sits all of your binge data, a blatant reminder to your date that you’ve got no life and the majority of your time, like the rest of world’s, is spent zoning out in the comfiest of places, your couch. Don’t feel too discouraged, though, your date’s binge mode probably looks exactly the same.

Binge mode remains in testing, but engineers are confident in their latest strategy to continue Netflix’s dominating force in the streaming network industry. It’s unclear when the program update will be released, for now, we’ll have to continue calculating our binge times for ourselves.

It’s probably better for our self-esteem this way; we can pretend we actually went to bed on time instead of having a glaring reminder in the form of a timeline, unable to deny our bad decisions.

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